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a butcher’s shop… La Botifarreria

April 26, 2010

In one of the supposedly “trendy” neighborhoods of Barcelona you can find La Botifarreria. They are specialists in pork meat and everything that comes from it (ham, sausages or any kind of cold meat that you can think of), but most of all, they are famous because of what they make from it: pork sausages with different flavors (apple and curry, mushrooms, champagne and asparagus, goat cheese and tomato… etc.). So next time you’re thinking of doing a barbecue, buy some of them at random and enjoy the experience, because once cooked you won’t notice the difference between them and every bite will become a small surprise.

La BotifarreriaLa Botifarreria Card

Where · La Botifarreria

When · To organize a funny barbecue or to buy some good food for a casual meal (the home-made pâtés are also delicious!)

My order · Three pieces of different cheeses, some spanish prosciutto, four pâtés, ham and cheese croquettes · around 28 €

Planout · Visit the cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar and have a glass of wine at La Vinya del Senyor

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