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a bakery… Casa Moner

April 17, 2010

Casa Moner was a convenient discovery. Convenient because looking for a nice mona* it’s a tough job and finding a place where not only the chocolate figures are beautiful (and don’t have commercial motifs like series’ characters or else) but also have a good price, it’s a fortunate chance. When the chocolate is good as well as beautifully worked, that’s a success. Moreover, in Casa Moner they sell many kinds of bread, some of which are difficult to find in most baker’s shops, and they have a cafeteria at the back of the store where you can have breakfast or even something for lunch.

* If you don’t know what a mona is, check out some images here

Casa Moner

Where · Casa Moner

When · If looking for a nice mona or a tasty bread

My pick · A giraffe figure chocolate mona, a lemon mousse and an olive oil “coca” bread · about 48 €

Planout · Check out the Museum of Cinema if you want to learn something about the seventh art

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