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a restaurant… Can Ganassa

May 14, 2010

This year in Barcelona it’s been raining a lot. That’s why at any chance of a sunny day, we’re looking for restaurants with terrace near the beach. Can Ganassa meets the requirements, though instead of being one of those restaurants right in front the crowded Barceloneta’s beach, it’s in a square inside the neighborhood next to the church. If you arrive late you’ll have to wait, as it’s always full of both tourists and locals. However, plentiful dishes of fried fish and some of the best bombas I’ve ever tasted will surely leave you satisfied, in a place that also stands to be the “social headquarters” of the choir’s association All i Oli. Undoubtedly, it’s a restaurant with lots of character.

Can GanassaCan Ganassa Card

Where · Can Ganassa

When · Early for a tapas lunch

My order · Fried fish, shrimps, “chipirones” and calamari, two “bombas”, two beers and two coffees · around 30 €

Planout · For those interested in history, I’d recommend the Museu d’Història de Catalunya wich is in a nearby building known as Palau de Mar

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