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a cafeteria… at the Museu Maritim

May 4, 2010

The MMB (Museu Maritim de Barcelona) is the museum for those who are interested in the naval history and it’s located in the building that once were the shipyards. Currently, the permanent exhibition is closed due to building remodeling but fortunately, the area of the cafeteria and restaurant is still open. It’s a great place to relax in a space of stone walls and high ceilings in the interior, and a wonderful exterior terrace with small stones on the ground and some orange trees to give you shade on summer days. It’s difficult to notice from the street so it isn’t usually a crowded place. I must admit it’s one of my favorites

Museu MaritimMuseu Maritim Card

Where · Museu Martitim de Barcelona

When · It’s the perfect place to read, think or even have a refreshing lunch

My order · Two cappuccini · 3,40 €

Planout · Buy three or four newspapers and spend sunday morning peacefully reading in a great place

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